NPO launches educational programme

The chairperson of the non-profit organisation Rotangana Community Developers, Mr Divhambele Mbalavhali, officially launched the Vhembe Royal Educational Programme at Nandoni Riverview on Friday.

Mbalavhali said it had become important for the organisation to have a special programme aiming to motivate the learners at the beginning of the year’s academic programme.

“Our learners are failing and not because they do not know what they are writing about, but because they are not prepared for the examinations. Let us prepare them in advance,” he said.

He emphasised the importance of education and said without education a nation was doomed and would not develop. “Let us help prepare our youth to be responsible members of society who will contribute positively to the development of our country,” he said.

National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) executive director Ms Juliet Shoke said studying was a process that required dedication, concentration and effective time management. “Learning is a structural process that involves surveying, reading, revising and the consolidation of knowledge. Give yourself enough time to study because you will never succeed if you start studying only during examination time.”

She emphasised that pupils must work with the teachers, listen to them and obey instructions “and you’ll see yourself achieving good results”.

Vhembe District senior manager Dr Gerson Rambiyana thanked the organisation for helping the department to improve education in Vhembe. He said learners had to make informed decisions if they dreamed of making it successfully in life. He also encouraged the youth to pray for whatever they wanted in life. “Today’s youth are known to forget and to look down upon the power of prayer. Let us change all that and start believing that with hard work and God, everything is possible,” he said.