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Firstly, unemployment is one of the challenges that most South African households battle with from day to day and underpinned to unemployment is a lot of other challenges such as financial struggles even when it comes to affording basic essentials such as basic foodstuffs and basic toiletries.Secondly, from time to time,demotivated learners drop out of school because

they are not well informed about the link between education and their passions thus resulting to an increase in the unemployment rate. In the black community, only certain career paths are believed to be acceptable and hence learners are driven towards those and in the process they lose their passion and interest and eventually drop out.

Thirdly, In South Africa women and girls are missing school due to not having access to appropriate menstrual products. Another problem is that they're substituting inappropriate “products” that are putting their health at risk for pads and tampons. For the above reasons the Directors of Rotangana Community Developers with

a common edge and zeal to empower the community met up and incorporated the organisation. We believe that if we empower learners on how education can unlock their passions and interests, we can combat unemployment as people will be using their passions and interests as a way of sustaining themselves.

Rotangana Community Developers is incorporated to meet the overall objectives of publicbenefit relating to education, cultural and social activities, as well as communal and group interests.

Physcal Address

Nandoni Riverview Offices Site 34 Mutoti Village Thohoyandou


Tellephone: 015 004 0431
Cellphone:  072 985 5785